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We reached a count of 30,000 student quizzes and gave away some great prizes. Thanks for participating and have a great summer!

Our educators worked hard this year to unlock some of the different tiers and prizes during the izzit-Quizzit Contest. Take a look at the full list of prize tiers and winners below.

Here’s how it works

Every 5 quizzes your students take, with a score of 70% or higher = 1 entry for you, the educator.

Entries accumulate all year long! So the more quizzes your students take, the more entries YOU get! (All entries are used in each and every drawing.)

Each individual quiz taken counts toward pushing the “Quizometer” forward to the next tier/prizes. So the more quizzes you and your fellow educators administer, the faster you unlock the prize levels!

If you don’t have a way for students to take quizzes online, click the Low Tech School? button below. We have a plan for you!

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