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What The People Who Read Your College Application Really Think (8.4)
Readability Level: 8.4

For Discussion 
Readability Score: 8.4

1. Define: shroud, jargon, discern, condense, arrogant, convey, enlightening, cognizant, perspective, prospective

2. If you were a college admissions officer, what would you look for in a student? Why?

3. If you were applying for a college, how would you try to persuade it to accept you?

4. What does it mean to say something is "both an art and a science"?

5. Should Holy Cross accept the student who comes across as slightly arrogant? Why or why not?

6. Why do college applicants often think there is little basis for decisions a college makes? Does the information in this article support or go against that view? Explain.

7. How helpful is the article? What would you like to know about what goes on in the decision-making process?