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Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party tells the story of the events leading up to the American Revolution with cats and dogs portraying the real-life people of history.

The story begins in the home and workshop of John Kennel, a newspaper printer, and his daughter, Anne. After a successful day delivering The Boston Bark, they learn about a new tax imposed by the Royal Tomcat on newspapers and tea-bones. As the tax begins to hurt their business, the Kennels join with Spaniel Adams, Paul Ruffere, and others to organize the Pups of Liberty to protest the taxes and insist on "No Laws Without Paws!"

After petitioning the Royal Governor and boycotting the Cats' tea-bones, the Pups stage a protest in the Governor's Square which leads to John Kennel being arrested. Anne then leads the pups to the harbor for the Boston Tea-Bone Party, an act that the Cats can't ignore.
Visit the links below to learn more about the film and the people, places, and events depicted.

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