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Format: DVD
Length: 88:00 Minutes
Grade Level: 7-12+
Closed Captioned
Subtitled in English and Spanish

Price: Not Available for Purchase
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First this video tied in to my curriculum perfectly! I loved the teacher's guide, in fact I think it might be the best one I have ever used with one of the videos. The discussion questions provoked great discussion with my kids and they were able to connect it to the pollution problems in Mexico...a chapter that we just read. The t.v. ads were fantastic also...especially showing how long the concern for the environment has been going on. My students really picked up on the cost of fixing the global warming issues versus the economy - many of my students' families have been hit hard in the last few years. This was an outstanding video and the teacher's guide was exceptional! Thank you!!

Stacie Roberts
Geography - 7
John Evans Middle School, Garden City, CO

This is a well done video dealing with a topic that affects everyone in one way or another. The students that watched it were easily engaged in classroom discussion and were interested in follow-up research. This is a great tool for getting students excited about a continuing "current event"! Thanks izzit!!

Walt Kobs
Special Education - 11,12
Iola-scandinavia High School, Iola, WI

An excellent film that uses a resource utilized far too little in the climate change debate - logic. This is another excellent way to show students the overlap and interplay of government and economics, and how economic thinking can be a more useful guide to government that emotional reaction.

Tom Glaser
Goverment/Civics - 12
Mater Academy Charter High School, Hialeah Gardens, FL

The content of the video was perfect for the global warming section. There is so much information out about global warming; much of it incorrect. This video provided excellent introduction to the most hotly debated issue in environmental science today. My students were amazed at the new technologies being developed, and flabbergasted that they were not being funded and had not heard of these technologies before now. This video and accompanying teacher guide will be much used and explored in future classes!

Jennifer Fuller
Science - 9
Harnett Central High School, Angier, NC

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