izzit.org: The Drew Carey Project - Vol. 2
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Format: DVD
Length: 32:54 Minutes
Grade Level: 6-12+
Closed Captioned
Price: $15.00
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The Drew Carey Project - Vol. 1
The Drew Carey Project - Vol. 2

Awesome! My kids discuss something from this series almost daily-- and I last showed a segment two weeks ago!

Darron Kuykendall
Math - 7
Northside Middle School, Northport, AL

The segments presented in this video series are excellent starters for my debate class discussions.

Kathleen Lyons
English/Lang. Arts - 9
The Woodlands College Park, Conroe, TX

My students and I thought this video was a tremendous wake up call to how government can run and be run. It generated many thoughts and questions to how an individual can make a change politically. It was a very good video!

Angel Toledano
Business/Voc/Tech - 9,10,11,12
Del Mar High School, San Jose, CA

This has been my favorite video and my students' favorite video. My students were discussing "Kidneys for Sale" for days after we watched and discussed this video. Students who never get excited about anything were very involved in this series. Thanks for the video.

Jason Robertson
History - 9 / Geography - 7 / Goverment/Civics - 12
Seiling High School, Seiling, OK

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