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Free Trade

An amazing video. Fits wondefully into our newly resdesigned curriculum focused on developing critical thinking skills. Very beneficial in that it highlights a market system and details both its positive and negative outcomes. Wonderful for developing young citizens as they become a part of an American society!

Andrew Brooks
Social Studies - 7 / Economics - 7 / Goverment/Civics - 7
Omaha South High Magnet School, Bellevue, NE

This was a wonderfully thought out presentation, presented in a way that made it interesting to watch. I enjoyed the different perspective this put on these issues!

Joseph Allred
Music/Arts - 8
Gunnison Valley High School, Gunnison, UT

Great vidoe as an introduction to the concepts of economics. Students are often overwhelmed with this content and your videos bring the ideas to life.

Cindi Valgento
Economics - 12
Apache Junction Unified School District, Apache Jct, AZ

This video allowed my students to connect textbook information to the real world.

Leigh Ann Frazier
Goverment/Civics - 10
Athens Drive High School, Raleigh, NC

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