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Format: DVD
Length: 10:30 Minutes
Grade Level: 4-12+
Closed Captioned
Price: $15.00
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From Poop to Profits

The title certainly caught the attention of my Econ classes. It was perfect to illustrate the concept of entrepreneurship. Not only did the entrepreneur reinvent himself once, he had to continually make adjustments to his business to continue to be successful.

Jane Brogan
Economics - 12
York High School, York, NE

The term "educational video" is usually a signal for students to put their heads down and sleep, but when I told my class we would be watching a video called "Poop to Profits" they all giggled and waited to see what it was. They were engaged and had plenty of thoughts for discussion after the video was over.

Joseph Miller
Economics - 11,12 / Goverment/Civics - 12
Northridge High School, Dayton, OH

My students got a kick out of the title, which was a good hook. The idea by the entrepreneur to use a by product of his primary business (poop) to generate additional revenue was very well explained for my freshmen level course.

Liana Hoyt
Business/Voc/Tech - 9
Springfield Southeast High School, Springfield, IL

Fantastic video! The video is engaging to students from grade 4 and up to high school level. The students understood the emphasis on the main characteristics and ideas of entrepreneurs and began to generate their own ideas immediately after the video. Thank you for providing a free resource for teachers!!

Rayeanne Desoto
All - 4,5,6,7,8,9
Gardiner Regional Middle School, Gardiner, ME

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