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The Road to Prosperity

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Length: 19:15
Grade Level: 9-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned

It's mine to do with as I please...

From modern-day Africa, to medieval Europe, to America's Wild West, humanity's common road to prosperity begins with the rise of individual property rights and the rule of law. All societies have a concept of ownership and a desire for order.

On the Serengeti Plain, we learn how the tribal Maasai solve property disputes through spoken law. In Tanzania, we witness the genesis of written law in the creation of a property deed. A legal framework for property and business is evolving today across the developing world.

A few centuries ago in Europe, the old feudal order began to break down, and power shifted from the nobles in castles on hills to the people below. For the first time, the common man began to gain the right to own property. What followed was the greatest period of economic growth in world history.

Millions of migrants made their way to America in search of their fortunes and freedom. On the frontier, settlers initially staked their claims to land by means of tomahawk rights, corn rights, and cabin rights.

In the West, the establishment of property rights laid the foundation for order and prosperity. Is the rest of the world ready...for the property revolution?

Subject Areas

Business / Family & Consumer Science


U.S. History / Government & Civics

World History / Geography


African History and Culture

American Western Expansion


European History and Culture


Poverty and Prosperity

Property Rights

Rule of Law

The Road to Prosperity provides a very clear framework for understanding the importance of codified property rights. The additional resources are excellent and well suited for my class settings.

Damian Holmes
Social Studies - 9,10,11,12
Salem High School, Conyers, GA

This is a nice illustration of how property rights are essential to the market economy. It is also a good way to compare command and market economies and their treatment of property. Interestingly, these principles are included in California state economics standards, but are many times overlooked in economics classes and in private American society in general.

Heath Jenkins
Economics - 12
Oak Ridge High School, El Dorado Hills, CA

I like the use of real people and real situations. The kids commented on how this makes them see things much more personally.

Michael Kraft
Economics - 12
Cherry Creek High School, Englewood, CO

What made the video so usable is how effectively it condensed large economic evolutions into an easy to follow story.

Christopher Buntyn
Music/Arts - 9,10,11,12
Jefferson Silva Magnet High School, El Paso, TX

This is a very good informational and world oriented video that everyone...young and old should view.

Jeannette Harkin
All - K-3
Homeschool, New Smyrna, FL

Several students found the bonus Japan section especially interesting.

Arthur Evans
Current Events - 11,12
Christian Academy Of Western New York, N Tonawanda, NY

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