izzit.org: Unstoppable Solar Cycles
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Format: DVD
Length: 13:45 Minutes
Grade Level: 4-12+
Closed Captioned
Price: $15.00
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Unstoppable Solar Cycles

This video provided an excellent opposing view for An Inconvenient Truth. I used it to set up a debate with my honors class.

Barbara Turner
Science - 8
Indian Creek Junior High School, Mingo Junction, OH

This video did help to spur on great conversations about what we are being told in the media and what we hear from the science community. I was eager to share this with my students to help them see other view points, and to help them see the importance of looking beyond popular theory.

Amber Grove
Science - 6
Eagle Middle School, Eagle, ID

This was an excellent, classroom friendly resource in which scientists were allowed to raise critical questions in the climate change debate- great video!

Damian Holmes
Social Studies - 9,10
Salem High School, Conyers, GA

I teach a unit in the spring on global warming and climate change. This video is an excellent enhancement to that unit. My students were really intrigued, and it got them thinking. When we start this unit in the spring, I will show it again. Thanks for your videos!

Laura Wilson
All - 4
Comfort Elementary School, Comfort, TX

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