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Cart Contents
A World of Money     or remove $15.00
Food Truck Roadblock     or remove $15.00
Monkey Business     or remove $15.00
Where Did My Money Go?     or remove $15.00
Recalculating     or remove $15.00
Eminent Domain     or remove $15.00
The People's Economy     or remove $15.00
Free Trade     or remove $15.00
Markets Without Borders     or remove $15.00
Who Owns What?     or remove $15.00
The Invisible Hand     or remove $15.00
From Poop to Profits     or remove $15.00
Too Much Money     or remove $15.00
In the Classroom w/ David Robinson     or remove $10.00
Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence      or remove $15.00
4 Ways to Spend Money     or remove $15.00
What's Taxing About Taxes?     or remove $15.00
The Paradox of Progress     or remove $15.00
Inventing the Future     or remove $15.00
Escape!     or remove $15.00
Sustainable Oceans & Seas     or remove $15.00
Raise the Wage     or remove $15.00
A Taste of Chocolate     or remove $15.00
Pups of Liberty: Activity Book     or remove $6.95
Too Big to Fail?     or remove $15.00
Recipe for Success     or remove $15.00
A History Changing Choice     or remove $15.00
No Longer OutCastes     or remove $15.00
Morality in the Marketplace     or remove $15.00

Sub-Total: $421.95

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