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National Teacher's Day Giveaway!

You deserve a little something extra. Celebrate National Teacher Day by selecting one of these six new release titles. All you need is to have an account, make sure youíre logged in, and enter the code.
Click the circle button to the left of the image of your DVD choice, then scroll down and enter your code.

The Invisible Hand

eBay and a Scottish bakery demonstrate Adam Smith's Invisible Hand concept.

Grade Level: 9-12+ Learn More

Morality in the Marketplace

The Impartial Spectator, knowing right from wrong, and how morality applies to todayís businesses

Grade Level: 9-12+ Learn More

Sustainable Oceans & Seas

How New Zealand's Quota Management System, run by fishers, creates a healthier ocean & fish population.

Grade Level: 6-12+ Learn More

3 Keys to Success

3 important keys that greatly improve chances for a successful life: education, avoid single parenthood, work full-time

Grade Level: 7-12+ Learn More

Too Big to Fail?

The East India Company is an old example of crony capitalism. What's lobbying? Why shouldn't we "feed" business?

Grade Level: 8-12+ Learn More

Sneaker Money

A young urban entrepreneur helps his neighbors, who are locked out of traditional banking for a variety of reasons.

Grade Level: 6-12+ Learn More

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