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Food Truck Roadblock

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Length: 12:00
Grade Level: 6-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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Streaming/DVD: English

Why would a Chicago food truck need a GPS and tape measure? Because of red tape!

Chicago food truck owners know a thing or two about perseverance. They have to, in order to get their permits. They often find themselves mired in red tape—excessive regulations that dictate how they run their business.

What's at the heart of these regulations? Protecting customers?

Maybe. Maybe not. Consider that a food truck caught parking within 200 feet of any establishment that sells food, from a white-tablecloth upscale restaurant to a gas station convenience store, faces a $2000 fine. Picking food up off the floor and serving it to a customer is only a $250 fine. So what's the real story here?

Order lunch as we talk to these entrepreneurs and learn about competition, lobbying, special-interest groups, and what may be behind the roadblocks they often encounter.

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Business / Family & Consumer Science


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Free Markets






Food & Food Services



Local Government


Another well done dvd from Izzit. This video led to an excellent conversation about business and competition and the effect government can have on businesses both large and small. It also lead to a great side conversation about corporate influence on politics and how money changes the views of those in power.

Michael Eklund
Petaluma, CA

I use this video as a discussion topic about competition and govt. regulation to get my entrepreneurs to see how their future businesses may be affected.

Robert Carson
Burlington, NJ

WOW! WOW! WOW! I just received my new video last week, and used it with 'Recipe for Success' to discuss factors that can impact Entrepreneurship in my Intro to Culinary Arts class. I loved the materials included with the videos. Students were highly engaged by the video and class discussion was high after the video was presented.

Lynn Booth
Danielsville, GA

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