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Victoria's Chance

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 11:30
Grade Level: 4-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

Is education your stepping stone to flourish?

In a small fishing village in Ghana, a child is being celebrated. A welcoming ceremony— "Kpodziemo" or "Outdooring"—is held only after the mother believes her child will survive. This age-old ceremony is about the dreams of all parents for all children.

Joshua Korley has been fishing his entire life. His most prized possession is his outboard motor. He nets about 50 dollars a week when the fishing is good. Joshua believes his lack of education has been a setback in his life. His daughter, 12-year-old Victoria, has a dream: to become a doctor. Public schools in Ghana are free, but overcrowded. There are 73 students in a class. Joshua wants something better for Victoria.

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Students claimed that the video was an eye-opener for them and it made them realize how precious education is.

Bernard King
Moreno Valley, CA

The students wanted to watch it again and it provoked discussion and writing in my students who are hard to reach inner city students. They related to the video.

Emily Lawyer
Albany, NY

This video provided my students with a look at another world where dreams can be similar to theirs, yet attainable at a greater cost. This film generated much thought and discussion regarding their own lives and what sacrifices would they make given the same conditions.

Suzanne Verhelst
Lecanto, FL

In California, there is much debate about charter schools, public schools, and private schools. It was a great opportunity to use this video in conjunction with the current situation in California to have a discussion (philosophical chairs) using the DVD and the teaching materials. I passed it along to other 6th grade teachers to use in their classrooms as well.

Sandra Calonge
Fontana, CA

My AVID students found this video to be a good starter for a philosophical chairs discussion. I was impressed with the connections they made between their own educational dreams and those of children in other parts of the world.

Anne Zizz
Long Beach, CA

These educational videos have been excellent resources to help students gain an understanding of world issues and the driving forces behind them. They have been instrumental in beginning classroom discussions on world poverty and how individuals can make a difference.

Sharon Kay
Nephi, UT

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