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The Singing Revolution - Lesson Plans:
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Word PDF 1:Totalitarianism in George Orwell's 1984 and in Estonia
Word PDF 2: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Estonia - Lessons in Non-Violence
Word PDF 3: The Language of Liberty
Word PDF 4: Understanding the Cold War through the Singing Revolution
Word PDF 5:Arts and Media in the Soviet and Post Soviet Periods
Word PDF 6:The Chorus of Culture
Word PDF 7:The Singing Revolution Document Based Question (DBQ) Essay
Word PDF 8:Freedom of Speech Topples the Soviet Union
Word PDF 9:The Soviet Union vs Human Nature
Word PDF 10:Freedom Calling
Word PDF 11: A 20th Century Primer to the Singing Revolution
Word PDF 12: The Power of a Song
Word PDF 13: Patience is a Weapon, Caution a Virtue
Word PDF 14: The Psychology of Brutality
Word PDF 15: The Role of Free Speech in Music and the Arts
Word PDF 16: Conflict in Art - An Unlikely Muse
Word PDF 17: Evaluating Political Economies - What Does Communism Look Like
Word PDF 18: The Meaning in the Music - Emotional Connections
Word PDF 19: Estonia and Hungary - A Case Study in the Soviet Experience
Word PDF 20: The Estonian Barometer - A Geopolitical Study of Estonia through Historical Maps
Word PDF 21: The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact - The Document of Occupation and Liberation
Word PDF 22: What is a Hero
Word PDF 23: Hitler's Nazism vs Stalin's Communism
Word PDF 24: Three Times the Appeal
Word PDF 25: The Pull of Propaganda
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