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Benjamin Franklin: History Speaks

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Length: 41:18
Grade Level: 5-12+
Closed Captioned:

Streaming: English

...you can either complain about something - I've never been much about that - or you can try to fix it

And fix it (the Articles of Confederation) the Framers did, by scrapping the document entirely and starting from scratch to write the Constitution.

In the room where it happened (in Independence Hall, Philadelphia), federal judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, U.S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, sits down with Benjamin Franklin to discuss Franklin's thoughts on the Constitutional Convention, the early years of the United States, and life in general.

How did Franklin learn so much about science? What new inventions capture his interest? As one of the few people who both signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, did Franklin feel his life was in jeopardy?

Have we stayed the course set for us by the document they literally sweat over during the summer of 1787?

Bring history to life with this intriguing chat with Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Founder and Framer of the United States.