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Virtual International Field Trip
Travel the World (Virtually) with Your Students!

Ready for a globetrotting adventure right from your classroom? Our Virtual International Field Trip (VIFT) passport activity promises an unforgettable and enlightening journey, fueling dynamic class discussions. To join in, order your VIFT passports or download the fillable digital version. Find out more about destinations, how the activity operates, and incorporating it into your classroom by watching our video on the right.

To get your hands on physical passports, you must first register and create your izzit.org account. Once done, drop an email to [email protected] with your order details:

  1. Number of passport booklets needed
  2. Target subject area(s) and grade level(s)
  3. Complete shipping address

Whether integrated into classroom activities, enjoyed over summer or holiday breaks, or utilized for credit recovery, this program adapts to all your educational needs. Unleash your creativity! Combine it with additional activities, intertwining multiple learning experiences for your students to enjoy.

Questions? Call or email us! We're eager to help you and your students.

Virtual International
Field Trip

(a fillable digital passport PDF)
Fillable Passport PDF
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