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Constitution Day
U.S. Constitution
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Bonus Video
The Dred Scott Story

In November 2020, izzit.org presented a unique opportunity for the students of the Big Fish Learning Center in New Hampshire who were taking a civics class taught by izzit.org's own Dean Graziano, VP of Education – a chance to learn directly from Lynne Jackson, the great-great-granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott. Now you can do the same!

Lynne regaled the class with little-known historical stories about her ancestors, bringing this "ancient" (and let's face it, kids think all history is ancient – as are we!) history to a direct contemporary connection. She was babysat by Harriet and Dred's daughter as a child! History is much closer than we often think!

This video is approximately 45 minutes in length, so plan on a full class period to use it. We invite you and your students to pull up a chair and enjoy this exclusive opportunity to hear more from Lynne!