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Welcome to Simply Civics, a free, rigorous civics curriculum aimed at increasing and honing civics competency and facilitating an active and informed citizenry. It covers a foundational understanding of American history and how the U.S. government was created with a system of checks and balances designed to protect citizens' rights. The syllabus begins by covering not just the rote answers to the 100 questions on the citizenship test used by the USCIS (now required by a growing number of states for high school graduation) but also the why behind each one.

We offer a national curriculum, which can be used by any teacher in any state. Additionally, we're diligently working on state-specific versions that align with individual state Department of Education requirements. These state-specific curricula will include essential materials mandated by state standards, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for students in the classroom.

To access your preferred curriculum, click the appropriate logo above.

To find easily accessed links to the bulk of the videos and other materials in our National Simply Civics curriculum (the vast majority of which are included in our state-aligned curriculums as well), click below.