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Free Trade

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 19:30
Grade Level: 7-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

Does freedom impact your prosperity?

Travel from Sweden to Hong Kong, then to New York City with host Johan Norberg to explore economic concepts in action in the real world. See how freedom impacts prosperity, and how consumers are ultimately the winners when goods can move easily across the globe.

Subject Areas

Business / Family & Consumer Science


World History / Geography



Creative Destruction

Free Markets






Economic Freedom

Hong Kong

Supply and Demand

Voluntary Association

An amazing video. Fits wondefully into our newly resdesigned curriculum focused on developing critical thinking skills. Very beneficial in that it highlights a market system and details both its positive and negative outcomes. Wonderful for developing young citizens as they become a part of an American society!

Andrew Brooks
Bellevue, NE

This was a wonderfully thought out presentation, presented in a way that made it interesting to watch. I enjoyed the different perspective this put on these issues!

Joseph Allred
Gunnison, UT

Great vidoe as an introduction to the concepts of economics. Students are often overwhelmed with this content and your videos bring the ideas to life.

Cindi Valgento
Apache Jct, AZ

This video allowed my students to connect textbook information to the real world.

Leigh Ann Frazier
Raleigh, NC

A wonderful depiction of the power of the Free Market! This is such an important concept I want my students to grasp, and this DVD will certainly help me teach it!

Cathy Jaime
Triana, AL

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