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Pennies a Day

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Length: 13:00
Grade Level: 4-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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Streaming/DVD: English

Is a "better life" a universal dream?

Thirty years ago, Professor Muhammad Yunus left the classroom where he had been teaching economics and ventured out into the poor rural villages of his native Bangladesh to discover what prevented these hard-working people from escaping poverty. In one village, Professor Yunus found that for a total of just $27, he could make life-changing loans to 40 women. Thus was born the idea of microcredit—giving very small loans to poor people to allow them to start successful businesses.

Today, Professor Yunus directs the Grameen Bank, which has made microloans for income-producing projects to millions of poor people, mainly women, enabling them to lift their families out of poverty. Together, Yunus and Grameen Bank were awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for their pioneering work. Microcredit has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Pennies a Day tells the inspiring story of how one poor family—and their entire village—escaped poverty with the aid of small loans from Grameen Bank.

This DVD features the bonus "Hear Me Now" music video by The Green Children, which highlights the work of Professor Yunus. Sales of the song funded a much-needed eye hospital in Bangladesh. To see the video, go to

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After teaching a unit on financial math and mortgage financing, I show this video. It helps put money matters into a different perspective for students.

Diane Laetz
Culver City, CA

I loved this video. The resources for teacher instruction was greatly appreciated. My students found it intriguing and were happy to learn about other cultures. From a math perspective, it solicited a lot of good discussion about number sense and credit options. The video was just perfect in length also. Thank-you!

Tenesha Williams
Evanston, IL

This video generated lots of discussion on poverty and how to solve it. Students were intrigued that such a simple idea could generate so much success.

Greg Farris
Riverdale, CA

It took a difficult concept for middle schoolers (economics, credit) and put a human face on it so they could understand. It also brought them some perspective about other areas of the world and how, with ingenuity, a very small amount of money can turn lives around.

Joanne Stanley
Midlothian, VA

Pennies a Day inspired my students to start a microlending club!

Sallykaye Kaufman
Roslyn Heights, NY

My students remarked that the movie inspired them to want to help others.

Camella Hardy
Lake Charles, LA

This is an excellent tool for teaching about conditions in many parts of the world, Bangladesh is just an example. Also about attitudes and cultural norms with regard to a number of topics - politics, economics, business, gender,and age. This is a very rich informative short film.

Fabienne Jones-daniel
Houston, TX

I have had several students come talk to me to tell me about the impact this video had on them. A few asked their parents to donate to a microlending organization, a few did some fundraising, and one of them wanted to know if the students could form their own microlending organization. The class discussions at the conclusion of each showing were the best we had all year. I will be using this DVD for a long time!

Sarah Erickson
San Antonio, TX

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