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Where Did My Money Go?

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 14:00
Grade Level: 8-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

Is there ever a fair share of what others have earned?

Paycheck sticker shock. Anyone who's ever received a first paycheck remembers that feeling.

Taxes take a bite out of earnings. But it's more than just income taxes, unemployment, and other payroll taxes. People often forget that taxes are everywhere! The phone bill, the gas pump, an airline ticket, things we buy...taxes, taxes, taxes!

Learn more about taxes, from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks to Europe's VAT tax. Find out where some of that money goes!

Subject Areas

Business / Family & Consumer Science



U.S. History / Government & Civics




United States


April 15th

Government Spending

Income Tax

Sin Tax

Tax Freedom Day


The video makes this concept very easy for my students to understand.

Connie Frank
Stockbridge, GA

One student said it was "mind blowing."

Arthur Evans
N Tonawanda, NY

Young students,especially in high school often time do not understand how and why they get taxed on the money they earn. This video breaks it down in easy to understand segments.

Noureddine Lalami
Oakley, CA

This video was so enlightening for my students. Those that work are so distressed upon getting their first paycheck, and finding out what is deducted in taxes. I've had students quit their job when they received their check and decided that the employer had "Cheated them out of all of their pay"! This video explained in simple language about their taxes and "Where did their money go?"

Phyllis Wright
Wichita Falls, TX

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