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Yours and Mine: The Lesson of 1623

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Length: 12:00
Grade Level: 4-9
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Streaming/DVD: English

They almost starved the first year...

Looking to win the affection of a Plimoth Plantation enactor, a man takes a job portraying her husband, and in the process learns that much of what we learned in school about the Pilgrims is not necessarily so. For example, did you know that the Pilgrims wore colorful clothing, and that many came to American soil in search of profit, not religious freedom?

The enactor also learns that while the Plimoth Colony originally followed practices of property sharing, it became evident quickly that this system had major flaws. By 1623, the Pilgrims decided that private property ownership allowed for a much more efficient and productive workforce, yielding plentiful crop harvests. This laid the foundation for today's practices of private property rights, affecting many of our possessions such as iPods and cell phones.

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The video was well-produced, engaging, and offered many different options for spin-off lessons in history, geography, economics, and science.

Katherine Goodnight-click
Terrell, TX

I have used this video to augment my discussion of communism and socialism and it was extremely useful. Students really get the connection of how private ownership is essential to capitalism.

Burt Roberts
Concord, CA

I love the combination of economics and history.

Don Jenkins
Oak Harbor, WA

This video was a great way to start my lesson on the Pilgrims. It got my students thinking and engaged. It is a wonderful way to activate prior knowledge.

Chris Carrier
Saxton, PA

I loved this video to contrast it with what was happening in Jamestown. The students "get it" after talking about car ownership!

Joan Horman
Frederick, MD

Very good video. Sparked a great deal of discussion about private property and even the concepts surrounding different forms of government.

Kirk Atwood
Ford City, PA

This video can be used not only for economics but also for government. Great video.

Charles Stanzione
La Puente, CA

This teaches an important economic lesson that is unfortunately rarely covered anymore. My students could immediately relate to the broader concept in personal terms (such as siblings having to clean a room together and having one work harder than the other). The video provided a nice, helpful tangent to a worldview topic that we might not have glossed over during our American History class had I not had access to this video.

Shannon Gunter
Dowling Park, FL

This is an excellent video to use when nearing the Thanksgiving holiday. It presents information about the Pilgrims and also a great economic lesson.

James Garritson
Escondido, CA

I thought it was a good video, so the students could see what Plymouth Plantation really looks like.

Malinda Shellabarger
Van Wert, OH

Great video, grabs the students attention. The teacher guide is a great help.

Harold Brown
Andover, NY

This put a new perspective on life in the colonies

Helena Thorpe
Nokesville, VA

I liked the unexpected part about property and how my students actually learned from this and continued discussing the movie.

Ann Kucera
Modesto, CA

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