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Constitution & Civics
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This collection of video-centered educational materials focuses on the areas of the U.S. Constitution and Civics for grades 6-12+. Explore our Courses (some accredited!), Learning Modules (structured content collections with about a week's worth of material), Teaching Units (educational videos with support materials), and Teachable Moments (short, right-to-the-point videos on one topic).
Educational videos with full teacher's guides.
The Electoral College – Checks, Balances, and Ballots
The history, purpose, and controversies of the Electoral College.
Becoming Equal Under the Law

Explore the changes in U.S. laws to be more inclusive and closer to the ideal, "all men are created equal."
Benjamin Franklin: History Speaks

Interview with Benjamin Franklin about his role as a U.S. Founder and Framer.
The Civil War: A Nation Divided

The Supreme Court Dred Scott case influenced the course of the Civil War.
Comedy – More Than a Laugh

Exploring comedy's boundaries and social impact.
Eminent Domain

Cases in which the government has tried to transfer property from one private owner to another.
First Amendment

Protection of Americans' natural rights to free speech, press, religion and to peaceably assemble.
George Washington: History Speaks

Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg interviews George Washington about the founding of the U.S.
International Freedom and The Declaration of Independence

The U.S. Declaration of Independence inspired freedom movements throughout the world.
Living Up to Our Declaration of Independence

How the Declaration of Independence spread freedom.
Scopes: Curriculum on Trial

The Scopes trial pitted science v. religion in a landmark legal battle, and posed the question, who should decide what's taught in schools?