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Social Studies & Humanities
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This collection of video-centered educational materials focuses on the areas of Social Studies and Humanities for grades 6-12+. Explore our Courses (some accredited!), Learning Modules (structured content collections with about a week's worth of material), Teaching Units (educational videos with support materials), and Teachable Moments (short, right-to-the-point videos on one topic).
Educational videos with full teacher's guides.
Ida B. Wells – The Light of Truth
Woman investigative journalist fights for civil rights.
3 Keys to Success

Keys for a successful life: education, avoid single parenthood, work full-time.
America & Mr. Smith

How did economist Adam Smith's ideas influence the founding of America?
Banned Books – Censored in School

Who should choose what students can read?
Bee the Change

A free-market economy allows a beekeeper and his family to build a better life for themselves.
The Bridge of No Return

An incident at the North Korean DMZ leads to the most militarized tree-trimming action in history.
Delaying World War II

Many nations desperately wanted to avoid a WWII. They appeased Hitler. It didn't last.
The Drew Carey Project - Vol. 1

Ever think that the government doesn't know best? Drew Carey challenges assumptions!
Energy Solutions: Who Chooses

Explore the unintended consequences of energy decisions around the world.

A North Korean venture capitalist helps other refugees start businesses and fulfill their dreams.
Eusebio's Dream

In the mountains of Peru, the Peruvian government has finally granted land titles to farmers.
Everyone's Space

Host Scott Bakula shows how competition drives innovation - even in space exploration.
Freedom's Sound

Through entrepreneurship, a former Soviet piano company has to compete in order to survive.
From Poop to Profits

Explore how entrepreneurs use innovation and determination to turn challenges into opportunity.
Geography as Destiny

Explore Dr. Thomas Sowell's theory on how geography shapes the success of civilizations.
George Shultz & the End of the Cold War

George Shultz, trust, and diplomacy - ending the Cold War
A History Changing Choice

Almost everyone values freedom and equality, but is there a tradeoff between the two?
I Am Human

As society moves more multiracial, some are declaring they are not one race or another - they are human.
In the Classroom with David Robinson

This program examines leadership, relationships, and other issues that affect today's teenagers.
Life Behind the Berlin Wall

Comparing life on both sides of the Berlin Wall. Why did people risk their lives to escape East Berlin?
Markets Without Borders

Hernando de Soto explores why 2/3 of people are locked out of the capitalist system.
Monkey Business

Increased economic freedom paved the way for one family to bring the Paul Frank brand to Europe.
No More Skinny Sheep

Farming subsidies led to the unintended consequence of skinny sheep. How did farmers adapt?
No Longer OutCastes

Explore how those born into the lowest caste in India are breaking barriers.
Outside the Box

Eli Steele presents his powerful story of individuality vs. group identity.
Pax Americana

Learn how the U.S. became the global peacekeeper after WWII, and see what others think.
People, Power & Prosperity

In Morocco, see the difference between life with electricity and without.
Question Everything – The Scientific Method

The scientific method, censorship, and stomach ulcers
Raise the Wage

Explore minimum wage laws: their history, and the potential unintended consequences of them.
Read All About It!

Why freedom of the press matters in this age of information overload and how/where it began.

Discover how GPS works and how it was used to secure property rights for the poor in India.
Recipe for Success

An entrepreneur turns her passion for cooking into one of the strongest corporations in Zambia.
The Road to Prosperity

Discover how the right to property is essential to economic growth.
Sustainable Oceans & Seas

How did New Zealand's Quota Management System create a healthier ocean & fish population?
A Taste of Chocolate

A chance encounter in Communist China leads to one man building a vast empire.
They've Got Tech: Next-Gen Farmers

How dairy farmers in use technology to improve profit and reduce environmental impact.
Victoria's Chance

Victoria's dream is to become a doctor. Her parents believe that education is the key to success.
Volunteer Military

The All-Volunteer force became a reality, but the debate over military conscription continues.
When China Opened Its Economy

Economic reform has opened China to entrepreneurs to develop cutting-edge technologies.
When Horses Fly

Learn how airfreight is more than just a way to get consumer goods in a hurry.
Who Owns the Sea?

Journey to the South China Sea and explore how nations determine property rights.
Yours and Mine: The Lesson of 1623

The Plymouth Colony learned a valuable lesson about sharing property.
   Short, right-to-the-point videos.
East India Tea Company
What company prompted the Boston Tea Party?
A Better Breathalyzer

Alcohol has an infrared color - new breathalyzer technology.
Aftermath of the Munich Agreement

What happened after the Munich Agreement?
Ancient Athens

The Athenians took civic responsibility very seriously.
Antistatic Room

What's up with antistatic rooms and clothing at tech manufacturers?
Arabic Contributions to Math & Science

Exploring Arabic contributions to mathematics & science.
Audio Innovation

Sony Walkmans and creative destruction.
Beer Brewing and the t-test

Origins of Student's t-test.
Before Wikipedia – Diderot's Encyclopedia

Denis Diderot created the first encyclopedia.
Claim Ocean but Don't Enforce

How much ocean can a country claim?
Combat Camera

Capturing war through a camera lens - Combat Camera.
Degenerate Art – Unfettered Creativity

After WWI, but before the Nazis, German artistic expression bloomed.
Estonia Piano Company – Then & Now

Making pianos for the Soviet Union differs from making them for the global market.
Fake Town - Propaganda

Fake towns and propaganda: North Korea and South Korea.
From Lindbergh to Xprize

A prize led to the first transatlantic flight, and the Xprize opened competition in the space race.
Galileo – Reach for the Stars

Galileo helped prove the earth revolves around the sun, but at what cost?
Gardening Away Food Deserts

An urban farm in Gary, Indiana, grows food for their community.
George Orwell

Totalitarianism, repression, propaganda, and Orwell.
Globalization & the Rule of Law

Hernando deSoto explains how rule of law and globalization are tied.
GPS & Property Rights for Poor

Why property rights matter to the poorest of the poor in India, and how GPS & Google maps helped them.
Gutenberg Press

Books available to all with the move from hand-scribed to the printing press.
How the West was Settled

From squatters to landowners: property rights in the American West.
Inventing the Socratic Method

The legacy of Socrates: question everything.
Life Without Electric in Developing World

Living without electricity in a small village in the developing world.
Living Off the Grid

Life off the electrical grid in Oregon.
Maasi Warriors

The Maasai are warriors and cattle herders.
Maori Haka

Explore the traditions, particularly the haka, of the Maori people of New Zealand.
Mutually Assured Destruction

Is anything so feared it could end war?
North Korea – HyperStalinist Regime?

How North Korea's centrally planned economy impacted its people.
NZ's Fishing Quota Management System

What is a fishing Quota Management System?

Orrerys are intricate, carefully-balanced mechanical models of the solar system.
Reading Matters

Why is reading so important? Thomas Sowell explains
Stasi – Suppressing Freedom

What happens to a society where people are under constant surveillance?
Steinway Pianos

A story of the beginnings of the Steinway piano company.
The Day the World Nearly Ended

The day we almost had a nuclear war.
The Munich Agreement

Explore why the Munich Agreement only delayed, didn't prevent, WWII.