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This index lists the title, publication, and publication date for past articles posted to, along with the full text of the accompanying discussion questions. Due to copyright restrictions, we do not archive articles on In most cases it is possible to retrieve articles by doing a web search for the title of the article. Please email if you need assistance.

Please Note: Current Events lessons are archived for ONE YEAR. A year after posting, the article link and questions will be automatically DELETED from our archive. If you like a lesson and want to use it again in the future, SAVE it to your computer, or print it. Post Date Article Title Publisher Date Published Readablility Discussion Questions
6/6/2024 North Korea flies trash balloons over the South as leader Kim doubles down on satellite ambitions Associated Press 5/29/2024 15.4 View
4/22/2024 NPR reportedly in turmoil after editor accuses outlet of liberal bias in bombshell essay 4/12/2024 14.1 View
8/25/2023 NYC Councilman wants Mr. Softee to go green The New York Post 8/5/2023 9.6 View
3/29/2024 Ocasio-Cortez defends accusing Israel of genocide in floor speech CNN 3/24/2024 14.3 View
1/25/2024 Ohio lawmakers consider cash incentives to boost school attendance The Columbus Dispatch 1/15/2024 9.6 View
1/26/2024 Ohio pastor facing charges for using church as warming shelter The Cincinnati Enquirer 1/19/2024 9.7 View
2/9/2024 Ohio won't mandate seatbelts on school buses after fatal crash The Cincinnati Enquirer 1/31/2024 9.3 View
1/10/2024 OK Governor removes DEI from state agencies and universities The Washington Examiner 12/14/2023 14.2 View
10/25/2023 Oklahoma Bus Driver Charged With Kidnapping 10/18/2023 6.6 View
10/10/2023 Onewheel electric skateboards recalled after 4 reported deaths since 2019   10/1/2023 14.0 View
10/4/2023 Ontario soccer refs start wearing body cameras to deter parental abuse CBC 9/24/2023 9.2 View
6/13/2024 Opinion: California's $20 MInimum Wage is Having Disastrous Consequences 5/29/2024 7.0 View
9/12/2023 Opposites donít attract: couples more likely to be similar than different, study shows The Guardian 9/4/2023 12.3 View
11/2/2023 Oregon Board of Education suspends graduation test requirements, citing harm to students of color The Oregonian 10/22/2023 15.0 View