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This index lists the title, publication, and publication date for past articles posted to, along with the full text of the accompanying discussion questions. Due to copyright restrictions, we do not archive articles on In most cases it is possible to retrieve articles by doing a web search for the title of the article. Please email if you need assistance.

Please Note: Current Events lessons are archived for ONE YEAR. A year after posting, the article link and questions will be automatically DELETED from our archive. If you like a lesson and want to use it again in the future, SAVE it to your computer, or print it. Post Date Article Title Publisher Date Published Readablility Discussion Questions
12/21/2023 Woman who threw food at Chipotle worker sentenced to work in fast food for 2 months USA Today 12/7/2023 8.8 View
11/29/2023 Wild Canadian swine threaten to invade the US USA Today 11/23/2023 9.5 View
10/4/2023 Fulton County jail issues spark debate and search for answers USA Today 9/21/2023 13.9 View
9/18/2023 Biden administration coerced social media giants into possible free speech violations: court USA Today 9/8/2023 15.3 View
1/11/2024 Chris Christie is facing growing calls to drop out. Here's why he's staying in the 2024 race. USA Today 1/2/2024 8.5 View
4/19/2024 Will Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate this fall? News outlets call on candidates to compete USA Today 4/14/2024 14.6 View
9/13/2023 Manchester Barber Shop Gives Free Back to School Haircuts Union Leader (New Hampshire) 9/7/2023 6.4 View
4/26/2024 She went from "broke college student" to professional sand sculptor. Wait, what? 4/17/2024 7.7 View
5/31/2024 Meet the Walmart deli employee who's also a track star hoping to make the Olympic team 4/26/2024 7.7 View
10/20/2023 Parent Strips Down During School Board Meeting: 'I Wanted to Make a Clear Argument' The Western Journal 10/12/2023 9.7 View
11/3/2023 He developed a cancer-fighting soap—while in middle school The Washington Post 10/25/2023 10.3 View
5/16/2024 This middle school's battle against cell phones yielded surprising results The Washington Post 5/1/2024 8.4 View
1/10/2024 OK Governor removes DEI from state agencies and universities The Washington Examiner 12/14/2023 14.2 View
1/24/2024 Federal Court overrules Biden's dishwasher police The Washington Examiner 1/9/2024 12.0 View