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This index lists the title, publication, and publication date for past articles posted to, along with the full text of the accompanying discussion questions. Due to copyright restrictions, we do not archive articles on In most cases it is possible to retrieve articles by doing a web search for the title of the article. Please email if you need assistance.

Please Note: Current Events lessons are archived for ONE YEAR. A year after posting, the article link and questions will be automatically DELETED from our archive. If you like a lesson and want to use it again in the future, SAVE it to your computer, or print it. Post Date Article Title Publisher Date Published Readablility Discussion Questions
3/27/2024 Kennebunk Dog Kennel Proposes Soundproof Fence Amid Complaints 3/14/2024 9.0 View
3/25/2024 Harris visited an abortion clinic, a first for any president or vice president NPR 3/14/2024 9.4 View
3/27/2024 Casual marijuana use linked to higher risk of heart disease The Epoch Times 3/14/2024 15.0 View
3/22/2024 'Red Flag' phrases to avoid in job interviews CNBC 3/14/2024 7.4 View
3/20/2024 Want a more sustainable meat for the grill? Try a 13-foot python steak 3/14/2024 9.5 View
4/18/2024 Girls Wrestling is the Nation's Fastest-Growing High School Sport KLOVE News 3/13/2024 10.2 View
3/21/2024 African cocoa plants run out of beans; chocolate prices expected to soar Reuters 3/13/2024 10.3 View
3/29/2024 Atlanta Businesswoman's Canine Cellmates Program Offers Hope KLOVE News 3/11/2024 7.7 View
3/19/2024 The New Science on What Ultra-Processed Food Does to Your Brain Wall Street Journal 3/11/2024 12.2 View
3/15/2024 70 million-year-old giant dinosaur skeleton found connected from skull to tail CNN 3/9/2024 17.4 View
3/19/2024 For April's eclipse, going from 'meh' to 'OMG' might mean just driving across town NPR 3/8/2024 9.5 View
3/18/2024 TikToker gone viral for giving career advice reveals why post-grads are 'really struggling' to find a job Fox News 3/8/2024 9.4 View
3/18/2024 White People Are Outraged at The North Face for Offering 20 Percent Discount to Customers Who Take 'Racial Inclusion' Course: 'Completely Bonkers' 3/7/2024 11.3 View
3/13/2024 He was accused of illegally feeding deer in his home. Now he's got bigger problems Miami Herald 3/7/2024 9.5 View