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Eusebio's Dream

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Length: 12:00
Grade Level: 4-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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DVD: English
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Is your pride of ownership about property or accomplishment?

High in the Andes Mountains of Peru lie the ruins of Machu Picchu, the historic royal retreat of the Inca Empire. The indigenous people still farm this valley. Eusebio Mendez Atau and his family farm the land as did Eusebio's father and grandfather for the last 100 years. Still, he is unable to hold legal title to the land on which his livelihood depends. Without legal title, Eusebio cannot get a loan to buy more seed or more land. He cannot borrow to educate his children or improve his home. Nor can he benefit from the sale of the property.

But in their struggle to own property, the people of Eusebio's village have advocates they have never met. Through the work of The Institute for Liberty and Democracy in Lima, which fights for property rights and the rule of law, Eusebio's Dream has finally come true. There is cause for celebration in the village— Eusebio and his neighbors have received legal title to their land at last!

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Property Rights

Rule of Law

South America


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I am an ESL teacher. I have some students from Peru. They loved to see their country featured in the movie and then it opened a great discussion where they shared their experiences with the rest of the class. They also got to see the importance of legal tittle of their land.

Sahudi Navarro
Shelby, NC

The Eusebio video is an excellent example of the importance of property rights. Izzit makes the best Economics concept videos for Social Studies teachers.

Matthew Jonas
Rio Rancho, NM

I thoroughly enjoyed using this DVD with my Spanish II classes. I also appreciated the discussion questions that came with the DVD. They helped to initiate a good discussion after the DVD.

Melinda Brumbeloe
Millbrook, AL

This video is a great way to show students how decendants from ancient cultures we explore still exist. It is also important to expose my students to the workings of other countries and civilizations. Junior high students must be aware of the huge world that lies outside the borders of the town in which they live.

Donica Barger
Ashdown, AR

I am an ESL teacher and this video is great! Students could identify with Eusebio; it inspired discussion about realistic dreams that can be reached. This video will be used each year with the literary theme: Hope and Dreams in our reading series published by Hampton-Brown.

Sharon Snee
Pittsburgh, PA

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