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4 Ways to Spend Money

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 13:40
Grade Level: 6-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

Only 4 ways to spend money?

Olivia's fallen in love...with economics! She's fascinated by Milton Friedman's premise that there are only 4 ways to spend money. In this glee-ful high school musical, she shares the specifics about how people spend money differently, depending on whose money they're spending, and who they're spending it on.

Subject Areas


Music / Art

U.S. History / Government & Civics




Unintended Consequences


Government Spending

Milton Friedman

Money Management

Interesting use of music used to teach principles of economics.

Susan Hinton
Smithville, TN

I loved this DVD. A musical by students presenting important information really held the attention of the students. It held my attention too. I was disappointed when this video came to an end. Good job!!

Gloria Weyand
Somerset, PA

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