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Geography as Destiny

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 14:53
Grade Level: 5-12+
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English | Italian | Portuguese | Spanish

What role does culture play in the choices you make?

Once there was a mighty empire in Mexico, built by people we now call the Aztec. But in 1519, Hernán Cortés and his Spanish conquistadors broached the city of Tenochtitlan, taking down the mighty empire.

Why did the Spanish have an advantage over the Aztec? Dr. Thomas Sowell proposes that geography can shape the destiny of a culture or civilization.

The ability to easily connect with other cultures is crucial to success. One side of this battle had it. The other did not. How did that impact the results?

Geography is about more than just maps and capitals. It's about how people interact with their environment. Learn more about this intriguing concept of how geography influences a society.