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The Great Depression 2.0

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Length: 13:30
Grade Level: 7-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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What really caused the Great Depression?

The Great Depression of the 1930s was the greatest economic calamity in American history. It was as hard on children and teens as it was on adults. Their fathers had lost their jobs, they'd been evicted from their homes, even their schools had gone bankrupt and closed their doors. How could this have happened in the richest country on earth? Had capitalism failed in America? Or could it have been a case of Unintended Consequences? Could the Depression have been avoided?

Even today, most people blame the Great Depression on the stock market crash. Some blame it on corruption and income inequality, or on the capitalist system itself. While many things contributed to the Great Depression, there is one important factor that economists know about but most people don't. It has more to do with money than stocks, and the action...or, more importantly, the inaction...of the Federal Reserve.

In Unintended Consequences: The Great Depression, host Carra Cheslin visits New York and Washington, DC, and conducts an interview with Federal Reserve Governor Randy Kroszner, who explains in clear-cut terms how missteps at the Federal Reserve in the 1930s put the "Great" in "Great Depression.

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This video really helped simplify the Great Crash. It was just long enough to start a good discussion.

Patty Sundstrom

This was a super video. All of the Izzit videos that I receive are excellent and provide an excellent way for me to get professional quality videos into my classroom.

Billy Britt
Rison, AR

This is a great video. It really helps to understand the cause of the Great Depression. I even learned quite a bit of new information that I have never heard of before.

Malissa Reese
S Texarkana, TX

Excellent format. I enjoyed that it was presented by younger students that my students could relate with. I will use this every year.

Paul Jutras
Palmdale, CA

My principal stopped in while I was showing the video to my class and was thrilled that there were historical videos that were accessible to elementary levels without compromising the integrity of the information. She complimented my kids on their focus on the video... it takes a lot to hold their attention, so thank you!

Jodi Niesner
Springvale, ME

Wonderful video targeting specific standards in economics, government, and U. S. History

Debra Pope Johnson
Albany, GA

This video gave my students a better idea of how money works in our nation. They really understand now how our entire monetary system is based on our faith and trust in our government. This was a great video to help them understand the true economics of the Great Depression!

Sherry Marion
Tempe, AZ

I paired this video with a book by Karen Hesse about the Dust Bowl. Students were very interested to know about this period in our history.

Deb Donnan
Mount Joy, PA

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