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Teachable Moments
Short videos with right-to-the point lessons.
Our "bite-sized" videos are the perfect additions to your lessons. Use our sorting function (button below) to search for what you need. Learn how to use these amazing resources with your students by viewing our recorded Professional Development webinar, "Inspiring Curiosity and Self-directed Learning," located in the Recorded Sessions section of our Professional Development page.

Digital Literacy

How can we be educated, responsible consumers of media? …more

How We Got iPhones

Freedom, innovation, and the iPhone. …more

Managing Your Money

The most important financial skill - saving money …more

Success on the Open Highway

1980 trucking deregulation allowed dreams to flourish. …more

Gardening Away Food Deserts

An urban farm in Gary, Indiana, grows food for their community. …more

Steinway Pianos

A story of the beginnings of the Steinway piano company. …more

The Articles of Confederation

Before the Constitution, the U.S. had the Articles of Confederation. …more

Combat Camera

Capturing war through a camera lens - Combat Camera. …more

Reading Matters

Why is reading so important? Thomas Sowell explains. …more

Thurgood Marshall - First African-American Supreme Court Justice

Thurgood Marshall became the first African-American Supreme Court Justice …more

Women's Suffrage and ERA

The 19th Amendment gave women the vote. …more

Brown v. Board of Education Case

Supreme Court case challenging segregation in U.S. schools. …more

A Republic

Not a democracy, a republic. Why? …more


Orrerys are intricate, carefully-balanced mechanical models of the solar system. …more

Plessy v. Ferguson Case

Homer Plessy challenged the separate railcar act before the Supreme Court. …more

Dred Scott Case

Supreme Court case that sparked the Civil War. …more

Antistatic Room

What's up with antistatic rooms and clothing at tech manufacturers? …more

A Better Breathalyzer

Alcohol has an infrared color - new breathalyzer technology …more

Hemingway's Cats

What do Hemingway's cats have to do with interstate commerce? …more

Eminent Domain - The Kelo Case

Supreme Court (Kelo case) decision tramples property rights. …more

Eminent Domain - Atlantic City Story

A manifest abuse of eminent domain power in Atlantic City. …more

Magna Carta

Magna Carta - Rules above the ruler …more

Maasai Warriors

The Maasai are warriors and cattle herders. …more

The Day the World Nearly Ended

The day we almost had a nuclear war. …more

Mutually Assured Destruction

Is anything so feared it could end war? …more

How the West was Settled

From squatters to landowners: property rights in the American West …more

Fake Town - Propaganda

Fake towns and propaganda: North Korea and South Korea. …more

Beer Brewing and the t-test

Origins of Student's t-test …more

East India Tea Company

What company prompted the Boston Tea Party? …more

Birth of Video Game Biz

The history of Atari and video games. …more

History of U.S. Federal Income Tax

What's the history of the U.S. federal income tax system? …more

NZ's Fishing Quota Management System

What is a fishing Quota Management System? …more

Claim Ocean but Don't Enforce

How much ocean can a country claim? …more

Compressed Natural Gas Trucks

Big rigs run on compressed natural gas - lower emissions! …more

Living Off the Grid

Life off the electrical grid in Oregon …more

Life Without Electric in Developing World

Living without electricity in a small village in the developing world. …more

Aftermath of the Munich Agreement

What happened after the Munich Agreement? …more

The Munich Agreement

Explore why the Munich Agreement only delayed, didn't prevent, WWII …more

One Drop Rule

Explore the historic One Drop Rule …more

Arabic Contributions to Math & Science

Exploring Arabic contributions to mathematics & science …more

Audio Innovation

Sony Walkmans and creative destruction …more

Lowell MA and the Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolution began in Lowell, Mass …more

Maori Haka

Explore the traditions, particularly the haka, of the Maori people of New Zealand. …more

Freewheeling Innovation

New technology in bike helmets can't be used in the U.S. Why not? Regulations. …more

The Weka Dilemma

New Zealand weka birds are endangered, but this farmer has a unique plan to save them! …more

eBay - Economic Democracy - Reputation Matters

Visit eBay to see Invisible Hand at work, and how reputation is critical for sellers. …more

Supply, Demand & Price

Adam Smith's Invisible Hand at work - Supply & Demand drive price. …more

How $ and Fractional Reserve Banking Work

Why money has value and how fractional reserve banking works. …more

Barter & Entrepreneurship

Lady entrepreneur in Africa (Zambia) explans how barter was part of her initial business. …more

GPS & Property Rights for Poor

Why property rights matter to the poorest of the poor in India, and how GPS & Google maps helped them. …more

Sheep, Subsidies, & the Environment

How did farm subsidies lead to skinny sheep in New Zealand? …more

Globalization & the Rule of Law

Hernando deSoto explains how rule of law and globalization are tied. …more

From Idea to Business

How business incubators help entrepreneurs connect with venture capitalists and get started. …more

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

A peek into the Chicago Merchantile Exchange, where cattle futures stand in for cattle. …more

Specialization & Creative Thinking

Sometimes it takes creative thinking & determination to save an entrepreneur (or farm!). …more

Estonia Piano Company - Then & Now

How making pianos for the Soviet Union differs from making them for the global market. …more

Competition Brings Better Products

How competition allows consumers choices. …more

Hong Kong's Rise as Economic Powerhouse

Without natural resources, how did Hong Kong become such an economical powerhouse? …more

Consumer Choices Drive Price, Supply & Demand

Consumers vote with their wallets, impacting price and supply & demand. …more

Roadblocks & Food Trucks

Lobbying and regulation in the food service industry. …more

From Lindbergh to Xprize

A prize led to the first transatlantic flight, and the Xprize opened competition in the space race. …more

North Korea - HyperStalinist Regime?

Brief history of North Korea's centrally planned economy & how it impacted the people. …more