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George Washington: History Speaks

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Length: 40:48
Grade Level: 5-12+
Closed Captioned:

Streaming: English

An imperfect something is better than a perfect nothing.

We know the U.S. Constitution isn't perfect. The Framers knew it, too. It was built on compromise after many heated (in more ways than one!) debates over numerous issues, from how the states and people should be represented to slavery.

But what they had at the time, the Articles of Confederation, weren't working. And though the Framers were charged with fixing them, they instead opted to create an entirely new form of government.

In the room where it happened (in Independence Hall, Philadelphia), federal judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, U.S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, sits down with George Washington to discuss the Constitutional Convention, especially the compromises the Framers ultimately agreed upon.

What would have happened if they hadn't been able to compromise?

And why won't George Washington shake hands?

Bring history to life with this intriguing chat with General George Washington, Framer of the United States.