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Delaying World War II

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Length: 11:10
Grade Level: 8-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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Streaming/DVD: English | Italian

They thought appeasement could prevent another world war.
They were wrong.

Following World War I, many nations were understandably anxious to avoid another world war.

That's why Great Britain celebrated the Munich Agreement, which gave Hitler a large section of Czechoslovakia – which hadn't even been invited to the negotiating table, though they were the sacrificial lamb.

Appeasement seemed like the answer to the rest of the world's prayers to avoid war.

Was it? Or had they merely kicked the can down the road a bit further? Who warned them that the Munich Agreement was likely a mistake?

What might have happened if the world had confronted Hitler earlier?

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World History / Geography



Unintended Consequences







Great Britain


World War II

Great video to get the students to think further about the start of WWII and be able to bring it into today.

Edmund Michalski
Kansas City, KS

At first, my students groaned when I told them we were watching a video, but as soon as the man on the tank came onto the screen they were hooked! That drew them in and the real footage from Germany, Britain and the bunker from WWII kept them interested.

Natasha Williams
Banner Elk, NC

My students enjoyed the video. They especially related to the opening reference to a bully who attempted to steal your lunch money. In the past, I have used the analogy of a parent taking a child to a store and the child screams for candy. What does the parent do? Give in and appease or stand firm and say no, thus producing more conflict perhaps. They also learned from the summary of the key events of appeasement which led up to WWII.

Bernard Fortier
Lewiston, ME

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