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Outside the Box

Format: Streaming | Download
Length: 16:49
Grade Level: 7-12+
Closed Captioned:

Streaming: English | Italian

Does your race determine how you interact with others?

Imagine trying to register your child for school and being forced to reduce a complex racial ancestry to one checkbox...

Eli Steele just wants to register his son Jack for kindergarten. He has no idea the journey this will begin, or the questions it will lead to.

They have a complex family history. Son of slaves. Daughter of the revolution. Holocaust survivors. Interracial marriage pioneers in an era of segregation and discrimination.

Jack and his younger sister June have an even more complicated ancestry when you consider their mother's heritage - a Mormon settler and Mexican immigrant.

So when Eli is required to reduce Jack to a single checkmark in front of a race box...it doesn't sit well with him.

Explore Eli, Jack, and June's powerful story of individuality vs. group identity.

Do you fit inside a box?

Adapted from the award-winning documentary, How Jack Became Black.