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Sustainable Oceans & Seas

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Length: 15:42
Grade Level: 6-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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DVD: English
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How do your decisions affect others?

Saving our oceans & seas is important to all of us. A healthy ecosystem matters. But how can we best do that and balance the needs of humans as well?

Thirty years ago, New Zealand's fisheries—along with much of the rest of the world's—were on the brink of disaster. Overfishing led to declining fish populations. Something had to change.

The result? The Quota Management System, or QMS. Today commercial fishing off New Zealand provides fish for consumers worldwide, an excellent livelihood for fishers, and a stronger, healthier ocean and fish population.

How does it work? Come to New Zealand with scholar Johan Norberg and find out!

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Tragedy of the Commons

Extremely satisfied how this video fit into our impact of humans on our environment unit.

Alan Koebel
Omaha, NE

Perfect timing! I received this just as I was going through our ocean's unit. It offered a great opportunity to see first-hand the issues of overfishing.

Kristen North
Minooka, IL

This was a perfect end of the year movie to watch to keep the students engaged! It was also great to tie in my personal experiences in visiting New Zealand a few years ago. This is definitely a video I will show year after year.

Melissa Murray
Dover, NJ

I use this video each year and share it with other teachers in my STEM courses and instruction.

Samaritan Simmons
Evans, GA

This video was used to wrap up an ecosystem unit in 8th grade and will be referenced for a later unit on human impact. Students learned how biological or physical changes in an ecosystem affect populations and considered solutions to maintain an ecosystem (NGSS). 'SOS' is an excellent example of a real-world ocean ecosystem issue, and what steps were taken to turn it around, thus protecting the ecosystem and supporting the local and world economy.

Susan Merten
Chicago, IL

This video really helped my students understand the reason why we have limits on fishing and hunting. I used it along with an activity that demonstrates what was happening to wildlife populations before regulations and what is happening now.

Mary Johnson
Lake Charles, LA

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