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They've Got Tech: Next-Gen Farmers

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Length: 11:51
Grade Level: 5-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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Streaming/DVD: English | Italian

Old MacDonald had Cellphone? Loads of data?

If you think farming is a low-tech operation, you'd be wrong! These next-gen New Zealand dairy farmers aren't just using technology and data to improve profit and reduce the environmental impact of their herds, they're inventing it.

Changes in technology have improved efficiency in many fields of work, and farming is becoming more high-tech with each passing year.

Come to New Zealand and see that while farming may be all about the land and animals, it also relies on technology to make things better than ever.

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This is a good video for helping to understand new and more environmental ways to farm.

Tabatha Zarkauskas
Woodbridge, VA

Great video!

Kelly Cummings
Mount Airy, NC

I love using your videos for my economics lessons focused on the Stock Market Game. Great products.

Cristal Owens
Falkville, AL

Your videos are always interesting. I love the teacher's guide that comes with each one. The activities help keep the interest of the students and it makes my work a little easier.

Gloria Weyand
Somerset, PA

The video opened the minds of my students especially those whose geography knowledge was a bit limited in scope. They never thought of New Zealand as an agricultural community full of resources in farming and also versatile in other industries. The vocabulary terms associated with the lesson helped in their understanding when those terms were being used.

Omovie Okpakpor
Antelope, CA

The video makes an excellent auxiliary material for our study of Michael Pollan's "Omnivore's Dilemma".

Darcy Blauvelt
Nashua, NH

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