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Pups of Liberty Short Tails Series
This series of short, educational videos explores character virtues like industry (hard work), honesty, and perseverance through the animated Pups of Liberty characters based on American Founder personalities. Make history and character growth FUN!

Pups of Liberty Short Tails: Alexander Houndilton and the Virtue of Industry

In this episode, Alexander Houndilton shows that hard work and determination can create something amazing.

Pups of Liberty Short Tails: Bonejamin Franklin

In this episode, according to Bonejamin Franklin, the best way to live your life is to persevere in the face of failure.

Pups of Liberty Short Tails: Abitail & Pug Adams and the Virtues of Truth & Justice

In this episode, Pug Adams and his inspiration John Adams knew that sometimes telling the truth can be hard and have negative consequences, but it is always the best way.

Pups of Liberty Short Tails: Debruff Sampson and the Virtue of Courage

In this episode, Debruff Sampson, like her real world counterpart, went to war disguised as a man. Women were not wanted but soldiers were needed and she saw her chance to do her part.

Pups of Liberty Short Tails: Spaniel Adams and the Virtues of Honesty & Integrity

In this episode, Pup of Liberty Spaniel Adams believed in integrity, like standing up against the Quartering Act that let RedCats take the homes of hard-working dogs.
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