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Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 16:45
Grade Level: K-6 | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

Are all creatures (people!) created equal?

After the Boston Tea-Bone Party, the Pups of Liberty continue to assert themselves against Catland. But the Royal TomCat refuses their requests for representation in the government and issues orders that make life miserable in the 13 Ameri-canine colonies.

Witness Paul Ruffere's famous midnight run to warn the MinuteMutts at Lexington and Concord. Join Anne Kennel and Bonejamin Franklin in Philadelphia. Be there as Thomas Jefferhound writes, and the Continental Congress votes on, the Dog-claration of Independence, starting the Revolutionary War and putting America on the path to freedom.

"Give me liberty, or give me dog-breath!" – Pawtrick Henry

Subject Areas

U.S. History / Government & Civics




United States


American Founders

American Revolution

Colonial America

Continental Congress

Declaration of Independence

Independence Day — July 4, 1776

This was one of the best social studies lesson I have taught in years. The students loved the story and the cartoon. The teacher resources made it very easy to differentiate among learning styles and abilities. I truly hope to see lots more of the Pups.

Rhonda Linsky
Goose Creek, SC

This video was a great addition to our study on Paul Revere and the American Revolution. The students found it entertaining and fun. It was a cute "twist" to the traditional story.

Jessica Smith
Griffin, GA

The students loved the first Pups of Liberty DVD. When this new one arrived I immediately told the students about it. They couldn't wait to see it even though we have already moved past the colonial period. They loved it. It was great to see everyone enjoying an educational film that accurately depicted are very difficult time in our country's history. Very well done! I would highly recommend this film and can't wait for the next offering in the Pups of Liberty Series!!

Michael Eklund
Petaluma, CA

I use this with a variety of ages of homeschoolers as a supplement to Early American History. While it is appropriate and understandable for younger elementary students, it is so cute and fun that even my older students enjoyed it and learned from it. It brought historical events to life in a much-loved theme involving cute doggies.

Beth Wishengrad
Las Vegas, NV

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