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In the Classroom w/ David Robinson

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 63:00
Grade Level: 6-12+ | Price: $ 10.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

How to be a winner—on and off the basketball court!

David Robinson, a former NBA basketball player known in sports circles as "The Admiral," is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate with a reputation as a family-oriented man with a strong moral code. In a program aimed at high school students, Robinson talks frankly and openly about some of the tough issues today's kids face, including drugs, hate, racism, love, and spirituality. He pulls no punches, telling about mistakes he's made and about the problems he had "fitting in" socially when he was a teen. Throughout the program, Robinson reveals himself to be an articulate, intelligent, sensitive, honest man who just happens to be earning a cool $66 million as an athlete.

Robinson's parents, Freda and Ambrose, talk about how they raised David and his siblings with an emphasis on honesty, on valuing education, and on using the racism they experienced as a motivation to succeed and excel, not as a reason to hate.

The program features focus groups of teens in Denver and New York who talk about their thoughts and feelings on each topic Robinson covers. Also, as a bonus feature, the program includes Q&A segments titled 'Hey, David!' in which Robinson answers questions presented by the teenagers.

We encourage teachers to prescreen this DVD and consider if some of the discussion is not suited for the maturity level of their particular students.

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Excellent message in this video, the kids really enjoyed it. David Robinson is an excellent role model for all young people, not just basketball players.

Jesse Hamilton
Mount Morris, NY

David Robinson was very open and candid about himself in this video. By stating what he believed and sticking by what he believed was very impressive to the teachers and students.

Frances Harrison
Valparaiso, FL

The transition from elementary school to middle school is difficult for most students. Seeing someone who they recognize and look up to talking about taking responsibility and standing up for what is right helps to encourage students and give them the confidence to do just that.

Jennifer Perduto
Melbourne, FL

This was the best received video I've shown from izzit because it used a recognized spokesperson and a group of students who were peer age/experience as my class. These are topics the students really do want to talk about, but rarely get the opportunity in a regular classroom setting. Thanks.

Stephen Garcia
Georgetown, KY

David Robinson is a role model that my students truly identified with. As a teacher of several troubled students, viewing the video with them and being able to discuss it and issues affecting them personally, made for an unbelievably tender teaching moment. I plan to continue to use the video with future classes that I teach (that is if my colleagues ever return it!).

Kellie Wilfong
Cincinnati, OH

This is an excellent video and David Robinson captured my students attention and did a great job getting the messages across to the students.

Tamara Harvey
Port Charlotte, FL

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