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The Drew Carey Project - Vol. 1

Format: DVD
Grade Level: 6-12+
Closed Captioned:

DVD: English

Do you need someone to make choices for your own good?

"Traffic Gridlock" highlights innovative private-sector solutions to the problem of traffic congestion. How does a speedy trip on the "Drew Carey Freeway" sound? How about a helicopter ride to work?

"Living Large" challenges the claim that the American middle class is being squeezed. The media and politicians tell us that it's all doom and gloom for those of us who are neither millionaires nor welfare cases. What do you think?

"Dance Ban" is a modern-day "Footloose" story. In Arizona, a steak house featuring live music went into business. Then the county officials invoked an ordinance that banned dancing. So go ahead and eat— but watch that toe-tapping!

Officials in "National City" (California), a predominantly Hispanic community, pushed to tear down an athletic center for struggling kids to make way for luxury condos. Why would they do that?