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The Drew Carey Project - Vol. 2

Format: DVD
Grade Level: 6-12+
Closed Captioned:

DVD: English

Do you need someone to make choices for your own good?

"Food Fight" investigates how licensing affects entrepreneurship on the streets of Los Angeles. In downtown LA, people are hungry for the local delicacy—bacon dogs. But selling them can land street vendors in jail. Take a trip with Drew Carey into the black market world of selling bacon dogs.

"Kidneys for Sale" tackles the controversial topic of organ donation. Each year in the U.S., thousands of people die while on the waiting list for a kidney. What if donors could be paid?

"Throw Pillow Fight" challenges a growing licensing movement in the field of interior design. Do decorating decisions affect the health, welfare, and safety of consumers? Can unlicensed interior designers put your life at risk?

Who benefits from "Agricultural Subsidies ?" Some argue that agricultural subsidies are necessary to protect America's farmers and ensure a steady food supply. Critics say U.S. farm programs cost taxpayers billions each year, significantly raise the price of commodities, undermine world trade agreements, and contribute to the suffering of poor farmers around the world.

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