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From Poop to Profits

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 10:37
Grade Level: 4-12+
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English | Danish | Norwegian | Swedish

How can you add value in the economy?

From Poop to Profits is more than a "rags to riches" story. It's a story of successful entrepreneurship—a primer on creative and innovative thinking.

Farmer Brad Morgan faced bankruptcy. Like many businesses across America, the Morgan family farm was challenged with high expenses and falling income. With his back to the wall, Morgan looked at things from another perspective. They were spending over $20,000 yearly to dispose of manure. Could this expense be turned into a profit?

In his quest to capitalize on an untapped market, Morgan utilized many rules of successful entrepreneurship. He used resources already available, including raw materials, equipment and personnel. He hired experts to help when necessary. And he never accepted "average."

Now Brad Morgan has much larger goals than just "making ends meet." Like all business owners, he is working to create lasting success, while supplying customers with the best quality product on the market.