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From Poop to Profits

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 10:30
Grade Level: 4-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

DVD: English
Streaming: English | Danish | Norwegian | Swedish

How can you add value in the economy?

From Poop to Profits is more than a "rags to riches" story. It's a story of successful entrepreneurship—a primer on creative and innovative thinking.

Farmer Brad Morgan faced bankruptcy. Like many businesses across America, the Morgan family farm was challenged with high expenses and falling income. With his back to the wall, Morgan looked at things from another perspective. They were spending over $20,000 yearly to dispose of manure. Could this expense be turned into a profit?

In his quest to capitalize on an untapped market, Morgan utilized many rules of successful entrepreneurship. He used resources already available, including raw materials, equipment and personnel. He hired experts to help when necessary. And he never accepted "average."

Now Brad Morgan has much larger goals than just "making ends meet." Like all business owners, he is working to create lasting success, while supplying customers with the best quality product on the market.

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The title certainly caught the attention of my Econ classes. It was perfect to illustrate the concept of entrepreneurship. Not only did the entrepreneur reinvent himself once, he had to continually make adjustments to his business to continue to be successful.

Jane Brogan
York, NE

The term "educational video" is usually a signal for students to put their heads down and sleep, but when I told my class we would be watching a video called "Poop to Profits" they all giggled and waited to see what it was. They were engaged and had plenty of thoughts for discussion after the video was over.

Joseph Miller
Dayton, OH

My students got a kick out of the title, which was a good hook. The idea by the entrepreneur to use a by product of his primary business (poop) to generate additional revenue was very well explained for my freshmen level course.

Liana Hoyt
Springfield, IL

Fantastic video! The video is engaging to students from grade 4 and up to high school level. The students understood the emphasis on the main characteristics and ideas of entrepreneurs and began to generate their own ideas immediately after the video. Thank you for providing a free resource for teachers!!

Rayeanne Desoto
Gardiner, ME

I and my students really enjoyed experiencing the journey of the farmer who found himself in tough straits. They can relate to things turning sour and they loved seeing how someone took something negative and, with ingenuity and hard work, found a way to make something positive. It is a universal message of hope.

Anne Walton
Irvine, CA

This was a very entertaining and thought provoking DVD. My students enjoyed it very much and came up with their own inovations and inventions, because of the ideas stimulated by this DVD. Thank you for providing teachers free resources for our students!

Kim Clemons
Biloxi, MS

This video helped my students think of ways they can earn money for themselves using their individual talents, such as making bracelets, beginning a clothing line, and making our own compost for our school garden. I loved their energy as they talked walking out of class. At first they laughed at the title; now they're thinking of their own creative titles for their own businesses. What a fun teaching experience!

Janette Ellis
New Orleans, LA

Great addition to curriculum! Engaging title! Real life connection for math!

Christina Baker
Spokane, WA

My students loved the DVD. They really like the the man in the video was "real." I noticed the video kept their attention well and was not boring! Thanks for such a great video!

Kristi Pierce
Marion, IL

I found my students becoming quite interested in the message after they got past the title. They really enjoyed the story and a few came up with ideas of their own. This DVD caused quite a stir in the hallways and other former students of mine asked to see it after school.

Joseph Trimble
Libertyville, IL

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