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Sneaker Money

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 8:38
Grade Level: 6-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English | Italian

What's the underground economy? And how do sneakers play a part?

Entrepreneurs make money by solving problems for others.

Meet Chase Reed, a teenage entrepreneur who runs Sneaker Pawn, the first pawnshop that specializes solely in sneakers. He's solving a problem many of his neighbors have to contend with—they cannot secure loans from traditional banks, nor can they save money in banks.

Instead, they're using sneakers as currency!

Find out how, despite his age, Chase is pursuing his own dreams and helping others at the same time!

Subject Areas

Business / Family & Consumer Science


U.S. History / Government & Civics





United States


Alternative Currencies

Barter & Trade


Financial Literacy

Underground Economy

Engaging and thought-provoking discussions were had after watching this video. It really captured the students' interest and imagination.

Brian Peel
Portland, OR

My students really got into this video...many of them have purchased shoes this very way! Lots of meaningful discussions came out of watching this video.

Valerie Poirier
Winsted, CT

The video is very relatable for high school students to introduce them to the entrepreneurial mind.

Valerie Felix
Los Angeles, CA

This video was very applicable in our personal finance class and in our virtual enterprise classes. Students found it engaging and felt it really applied to them.

Sandra Marquez
Lake Elsinore, CA

This is a fantastic video that my students were fascinated with and excited to talk about because they could relate to it!

Jodie Keeling
Pearcy, AR

What an excellent introduction to alternative but legal banking systems!

Barbara Steiger
Livermore, CA

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