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Recipe for Success

Format: DVD | Streaming | Download
Length: 15:15
Grade Level: 7-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
Closed Captioned:

Streaming/DVD: English

Does your right to pursue your own path coincide with the rights of others to do the same?

Sylvia Banda knows the secret to success. She's taken her passion for food and cooking and turned it into one of the strongest food service corporations in the African Republic of Zambia.

She started by making fritters to sell to her classmates, then opened her own restaurant after college. On opening day, she realized there was more to running a food business than just cooking—she'd forgotten to have chairs for her customers! She bartered with a neighbor for chairs and eventually became a successful food entrepreneur who's helping other Zambians improve their lives.

Changes in economic policies made the difference for Sylvia and other Zambians. What kinds of changes could explain the rise from one of the lowest ranked countries on the Economic Freedom Index to being equal to Poland and France in just 15 years?

Find out as Sylvia shares her "secret" recipe for success.

This DVD contains a bonus interview with the authors of the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World Report, explaining how the index works and the correlations they've discovered between economic freedom and people's well-being.

Subject Areas

Business / Family & Consumer Science


World History / Geography




Free Markets




Food & Food Services

Free vs. Planned Economies




Recipe for Success is an inspiring story of how anyone can overcome obstacles and be successful following their dreams. It has a very good history lesson in it as well. Thank you so much for sharing, it was great!

Becki Louden
Murfreesboro, TN

This was a great video to explain economic freedom and the importance of small businesses in a society.

Missy Reese
Hooks, TX

Excellent view of another country's economics, and how it differs from what they know. It gets them out of their world and into a whole new outlook on what is success and how to begin to have it for themselves.

Diane Williams
Seattle, WA

I liked using this video in our study of Africa. We discuss economic problems in most African countries and how Africans can improve their economies. This is a modern, real-life situation demonstrating what we discuss and shows kids what is possible.

Jennifer Bronstrup
Tallmadge, OH

My students learned about the Zambian culture as well as how economic freedom can be earned.

Pat Elmore
Huntsville, AL

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