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America & Mr. Smith

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Length: 11:00
Grade Level: 7-12+ | Price: $ 15.00
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Streaming/DVD: English | Italian

How did a Scotsman who never set foot in America influence its founders?

You likely know about Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, two of the American Founders responsible for the ideas encapsulated in the American Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and system of government.

But do you know about Adam Smith, the Scottish father of modern economics, and how his ideas about free markets and allowing people to pursue their own interests, influenced Jefferson and Madison to help them create a free and prosperous society?

Visit the Library of Congress with scholar Johan Norberg and learn more about Smith, the Founders, and Jefferson's personal library.

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Adam Smith

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This is a great DVD that is very clear and easily understood. Even 6th graders got a great deal out of this. However, I know that the eighth graders who are indeed studying American History will benefit greatly from having this as an economic perspective.

Mary Peak
Colorado Springs, CO

These are great videos that support my curriculum perfectly. I love using them in class.

Josh Nielsen
Pocatello, ID

I used this video as an opening to the Invisible Hand section in Econ class. It was a great way to get the kids to start talking.

Edmund Michalski
Kansas City, KS

My students enjoyed the video and we had a great class discussion.

Mary Donahue
Absecon, NJ

This was a great way to introduce economics to my students most of whom had never heard the word.

Margaret Royce
Brookline Sta, MO

I have used this video many times and it's a great tool in the classroom.

Robert Govier
Santa Ana, CA

The video help cover my objective on Free Enterprise.

Phillip Neal
Ripley, TN

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